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Keep your own telephone number.
You can move your current company telephone number to 808phone.com or even your cellphone number.

Unlimited local and National long distance.*
Unlimited Local and National Long distance is to the continental U.S., Alaska and Hawaii. *International calling is not enabled by default with 808phone.com.

Unlimited Call Forwarding to extensions or outside numbers.
Supports forwarding to your cellphone, home phone or another extension number within the system.

Unlimited Automated Attendants.
This feature allows you to provide direct call routing to your customer based on their specific need. (Example: Aloha, Thank you for calling 808phone.com Press 1 to get free phone service, press 2 support, Etc.)

Unlimited Free Support.
Call us 24 hours, 7 days a Week, and 365 days a year. Our service is just as good as our support.

Unlimited Voicemail.

We don’t care how much voicemail you keep. Need to save voicemail from 10 years ago? Sure!

Unlimited on hold phrases.
While waiting for a person on Hold you can provide the customer hold phrases. (Example: Did you know we offer free Taco’s on Wednesdays?)

Unlimited Virtual Mailboxes.
(Example: If I have a company selling two types of shirts. I might have the customer dial 1 to leave a voicemail regarding green shirts. That voicemail can then go off to our sales rep that handles green shirts. If the customer dials 2 for red shirts, the voicemail will be attended by our red shirt sales representative.)

Call Recording.
Press a button on your phone and you can record your conversation. Immediately after your conversation you will get a voicemail with the recording. Save it as a wave file or save it on our system.

Call Account coding.
Ability to attach numbers to specific calls for billing purposes or call logging.

Call Queuing.
While you are on the phone other callers may automatically wait for you.

Call Waiting.
Provides you with a distinct tone while you are the phone to let you know someone is waiting for you.

Call Parking.
This feature is used to put a call on hold. For example: If I put a call on hold and needed to run to another desk to pick up that call. Or if you wanted to park the call on line one for another individual to pick up.

Caller ID.
Incoming and outgoing caller ID.

Caller ID Accept and rejection.
This allows you to specify per phone which calls you accept and reject.

Music on Hold. (Determined by 808phone.com Only)
We feature Music on hold from some of Hawaii’s local talent like, Jake Shimabukuro or Hot Club of Hula Ville.

Voicemail via Email.
Our system captures voicemail into a Wave file and emails it to you as attachment. This allows you to listen to your office voicemails anywhere, anytime on your smartphone.

digital phone

Call Screening.
When forwarding your phone, this feature allows you to prompt the caller for their name. When the forwarded call rings you the system plays the caller’s name and asks you if you wish to accept the call or send it back to voicemail at your office.

5 Party Conference Calling.
Conference calling up to 5 different individuals.

30 Speed Dials.
30 specific speeds dial per phone.

Speaker Phone.
Great if you have handset phobia.

Intercom Paging.
This feature allows you to activate the speaker phone on another phone in the office without ringing that phone or requiring any intervention on the other phone.

Dial by name directory service.
This feature allows the caller to locate your extension number by dialing digits on their phone.

Do Not Disturb Feature.
Allows all calls to go directly to your voicemail without ringing your phone.

Distinctive ring.
Distinctive ring can make a different ring sound for operator calls or calls that need priority.

Busy Lamp Fields
Allows you to see other individuals status on your phone. For example. If Johnny at extensions 1111 is on the phone his button will glow yellow.

Computer Software Integration.
Allows you to integrate your Microsoft Outlook, ACT, Goldmine and Microsoft Address Book contacts with your phone. Additionally allows you to click to call on the web or in Outlook. Employees can easily manage their calls right from their desktop PC, click to dial, presence management, personal call queues, call forwarding, transfer and conference, one number access and more.

Private Numbers for Each Extension. DID (Direct Inward Dial)
With this feature each phone can have its own personalized number. This allows your customers to directly to you instead of routing through the operator or Automated Attendant.

Free Toll Free Number
You can always keep your existing toll free number. With 808phone.com’s enhanced service you can add a new toll number at no-charge.

Free Efax Account with Unlimited Inbound and outbound faxes.
With our enhanced package we offer free efaxing. This allows you to receive faxes via email. Additionally you can scan documents and send out faxes with our service.

Free fax number.
You can always keep your existing fax number. With 808phone.com’s enhanced service you can add a new fax number at no-charge.

Call Detail Reporting
This feature allows you to request detailed reports for all your phone calls or for individual phones.

Conference Bridge
This service allows you to send out a unique number for customers to dial into. This allows you to host a conference party up to 12 individuals.

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    When 808phone told me I was going to save $400/month on our telephone bill I was blown away! All our locations act as one phone system. Thanks guys!...
    Chandra Elam - Company Officer – Elam Sports Oahu
    We were able to close our office and run 100% vitually! These guys are amazing! Great Product!...
    Jeff Berzolla - CEO – www.vacationrentalagent.com
    We love our new system! It has given our company a professional first impression and helped managed our calls in a way we didn’t know was so affordable....
    Brian Tow – Island Massage
    This system works great! Nice Work!...
    Greg Davidson – Art Davidson and Associates
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